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        Established in 2001, Neptum, a professional manufacture-oriented company, is specialized in R&d, design, production and marketing for high-end shower enclosures, the Steam rooms, bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror cabinet and shower fittings and accessories. As one of the member and President in Zhongshan Enclosure association. Our headquarters is located in National torch high - tech development zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong province. Covering an area of over 80000㎡and more than 65000 square meters for R&D production base, we have two factories, with annual output of 1.5 million sets of production capacity……

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        Zhongshan Neptum sanitary ware co., LTD.

        Domestic Marketing Department : 0760-87896060-818    Foreign Marketing Department :86-0760-88305229

        Fax :86-0760-88305219
        Address :38# Jianye Road. Torch Hi-Tech Development Area,Zhongshan City ,GuangDong,China

        Copyright : Zhongshan Neptum sanitary ware co., LTD. 粵ICP備18090653號

        Technical support :Jie lian technology co., LTD. (zhongshan branch)


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